New results of investigations carried out on tools made by the IMC Group

Szabolcs Biró1 - Zsolt Kisa2  - Péter Uracs3 - Sándor dr. Sipos4

1 Budapest Polytech, BGK, Mat.Scie.&Manuf.Inst., Institute Engineer

2, 3 Budapest Polytech, BGK, Mat.Scie.&Manuf.Inst., III. grade students

4 Budapest Polytech, BGK, Mat.Scie.&Manuf.Inst., Associate Professor

The companies of tool making IMC Group deal with tools, having a better productivity and yielding a bigger profit. The newly developed inserts are featured by - beside the appropriate geometry (e.g. increased positive angles) - enhanced coating technology both chemical and physical vapour deposition (CVD and PVD) for cemented carbide substrates. Besides the popular tool holders (lay-down inserts), a special attention has been paid to the tangentially clamped inserts as well as the innovative roughing inserts, having wiper configuration.

Our investigations have demonstrated that the combination of a very positive radial, helical cutting edge and a positive rake angle substantially reduces the cutting forces, in addition the tangentially clamped insert - due to its unique helical shaped cutting edges - provides a good solution, enabling the use of very large depths of cut and high feeds. According to our tests, the wear process of carbide inserts can be slowed down by some environmental friendly turning operation of hard to cut materials, and the wear model, elaborated by us, is suitable for prediction of tool lives for inserts.