Flexible production with exchangable headed type of milling cutters

The present article introduces a tool construction, having an excellent performance due to its flexible applicability and universal character on the application field of mid-size end milling cutters.

Can trochoidal milling be ideal?

In the manufacturing technology the milling technology, used to machine surfaces with grooves and scallops, repeating cuttings (zigzag surfaces) has been completed with a new, alternative method: it is the so-called trochoidal milling, carried out in different kinematic ways. In the present article we are going to give a summary on the milling cycles, established with geometric modelling and suggested by the modern designing systems. The force demand, the productivity indicators and the microgeometrical features of surfaces, machined with different types of milling, will be examined and compared with analysing the results of the tests, planned and carried out systematically. The values, gained by us during machining of material grades, having different conditions and compositions, will be presented; and – with listing the advantages and disadvantages of each type – the question, raised in the title, will be answered as well.