Possibilities and limits of hard part turning



Sándor dr. SIPOS

Department Engineer, BMF/BDGBMK/AGI


Associate Professor, BMF/BDGBMK/AGI


Nowadays, the machining of the hardened steels is spreading in the practice more and more. In the interest of the effective working application it is necessary to experimental examine the tools, being available in the shop.

The hard turning can be a good alternative solution to the grinding machining in several cases. The turning operation produces chips, being totally recyclable and re-usable, while grinding operations generate not recyclable slurry, containing the material pieces of the grinding grits and metal particles as well.

It is generally known that the lubricating-cooling liquids have a significant effect, injuring the health and polluting the environment.

In our present examination several lubricating-cooling methods (combination of dry, cooled air and minimum quantity lubrication) will be compared in case of turning hardened steel with different types of PCBN-tools.